Opening Up

If most people are truly honest with themselves, at some point in their life, they have thought about ending it all; going to bed one night hoping they don’t wake up the next day. For me, it has come several times–mostly because, in that moment I feel lost or incomplete. So tonight these thoughts invade me; run through my mind cursing my very existence, yet, some how I still believe that brighter days lay ahead waiting for me to make it to them.

For now, I will focus on my breathing and fall asleep hoping I find a small hint of peace in my dreams.

One response to “Opening Up

  1. Believe me, I have been there and further. You just have to get through it. I could spout bs happy lines at you but I know everything is easier said than done. But just get through those thoughts. Turn on the radio, talk radio. Anything you can to get the dark thoughts away from your mind enough so that you can sleep.

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