I’m so frustrated right now. I understand that a good majority of people believe in God, but why does everyone have to? I come from a very strong Christian background that I choose not to follow for reasons all my own. It is one thing when my mom, aunt or grandparents mention God to me, but it is completely absurd for a so-called friend to push it on me. My feelings matter too and if what I’m feeling is not God, Jesus Christ, the Pope or whomever else, then just let me be and work my shit out without all the drama about how I need religion or come on to church or you should pray bullshit. Damn I have my reasons for not believing so there isn’t a need to try and convert me. Now where the hell is my box so I climb in and get away from these people.

4 responses to “Frustration

  1. Not all Christians are like that. And a true friend should always respect your beliefs and not push their own onto you, whether it is with good intentions or not.

  2. I agree that not all Christians are like that. I’ve been on both sides of this and understand the need to work things out on my own. Finding someone you can trust to discuss all things without feeling pushed is rare but I hope that for you. It has helped me a great deal.

    • Thanks for the response. I should have replied to jaygore to clarify. I used Chritians as an example because that is mostly my experience, but I have been overly persuaded by other religions as well. It is also more about respecting a friend’s belief in whatever it is and backing off when they tell you to. Every time I go through an issue I don’t want to have to deal with that agony of defending myself against these types of personal attacks on my religious beliefs or otherwise. I should be able to believe whatever I choose like everyone else but apparantly my friends and family don’t see it that way. sigh

  3. That’s so brave. I felt the same way before. I didn’t believe God for some reason they do not understand, and for that matter, neither do I. And believe me we felt the same bad feelings. My friends who are so-solid-that-God-exist scorned me, I felt as if my friends were converted to become my parents and are giving me some tongue-lashing. Anyways, I got over it..

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