So I’m antsy with V Day being tomorrow. I haven’t really talked to my nerd today and I’m not sure what that means. I keep telling myself not to put too much stock in the fact that we had a great evening Monday; that it doesn’t mean she wants me back. In the interim, I bought her a card for V Day last weekend that I still put in the mailbox and I have a drafted email that I started Saturday waiting to be sent. I feel like I should act like Monday didn’t happen, but when she turned me around as I was getting ready to walk out her apartment then kissed me, that’s something I can’t forget. The feeling I felt.  I actually had butterflies. I can’t remember the last time I was so open to receive that type of feeling; the passion involved with it. I have never experienced a natural high like the one I had that night. When I think about it, it makes me feel so good, but then I worry about when I’m going to feel that again. Hope is all I have.  It is what I have relied on for the past few months to keep me going,  there is no reason I should abandon it now.

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