So I told the story of how I got my ex’s purity ring to a friend the other day:

On our first date, I noticed a shiny, silver ring perfectly placed on her finger with the words: TRUE. LOVE. WAITS.  Utilizing a perfect conversation starter, we discussed the process in which she got it and what it meant to her.  A few months later, we’re at a musuem having a casual outing when she smiles at me.  She proceeded to hand me a small baggie containing her purity ring and some small hearts.  I smiled back not knowing what it really meant, but I felt good in the moment, so much so that I wore it around my neck on a chain for months after that.  As the years went by, we moved in together and it got lost in the shuffle.  My ex recently found it and asked me if I wanted it back.  I asked if she wanted to give it back, she said I gave it to you, it’s yours.  On V Day, I attempted to give it back, she wouldn’t touch it and again exclaimed, it was mine and if I didn’t want it, I should throw it away.

Days later, I still have it; pondering over its significance and it has finally come to me–I know what it means to me, to us; that no matter where our lives takes us, that ring bonded us then as it binds us now.  I’m glad I didn’t throw it away because THIS is truly the best gift I have ever gotten–more than a lion statue or even my cats (which is very hard to compare since I love them like my children).  Tuesday night, holding this ring in the palm of my hand gave me a certain calmness that allowed me to fall asleep in peace; a night’s sleep I desparately needed.


2 responses to “Purity

  1. I had a ring like that once. The guy who gave it to me requested it back after we broke up… I didn’t want to give it back, but I did. That was about a decade ago, lol. I still miss it.

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