To the Anger Within Me

stoic grimace–sly smirk
plotting your terroristic 
chaos and uncertainty
sinister slick
so strong with confidence
while I lay feeble, linguini legged
dropping tears on this dusty floor
cleaver ripping at my flesh quietly
while you look on in disgust
judging me openly
our eyes lock
through this foggy mirror
I beg for forgiveness

In therapy, I talked about my anger as if it were a person. This duel personality that I have in my head is, in fact, real on all accounts and I know it makes me sound crazy and I’m paranoid or whatever, but the best thing for me right now is to acknowledge what I feel–the anger within is squirming for attention.  I feel it nudging me and the only way to get it calm is to do something violent–playing army video games are a good avenue that I’ve been getting immersed in.


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