A Nice, Little Change

So I’m sitting here, right this minute, with my nerd on video chat. YES! I get to see my babies and YES they are still awesome, of course!  The last week or so has been very pleasant.  Since I’ve been sick, she has been texting and calling to check on me and such.  Very much appreciated, I might add.  I know she doesn’t have to do that.  I try not read much into anything she does or doesn’t do for me these days. Not that I can really.  My heart isn’t ready for that type of let down anymore. I can only just take things as they are and that seems to be working just fine for me. I think I will always have these moments where I’m swinging on the pendulum, in the middle of my emotional bell curve, but the more I accept that, the better I think being without her is going to become. I spent a lot of time just wanting her back instead of appreciating the memories that we have shared that were good.  Lately, I’ve been finding a lot of pictures of those moments and that is how I want to remember her, remember us.


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