Daily Prompt: Silver Screen “Disappearing Acts”

The prompt was really to take a quote out of a movie and write from there, but I feel like I can take the title of the movie and just go–it’s more fitting for the scenario I’ve been in for the last 4-5 years.  My favorite movie is “Disappearing Acts”–didn’t have a theatrical release and aired on HBO, however, starred Wesley Snipes and Sanaa Lathan.

The premise of the movie, from what I got out of it, was simply a struggle between a couple trying to co-exist with one another being in very different places in their lives, personally and career-wise, however very attracted to and loved one another.  It’s how I feel about my ex.  I’m 4 years older and she has always been this naive, but loving, driven individual.  Obviously, age alone would play a factor, considering life and work experiences.  I have always been proud of her accomplishments, having attended multiple award banquets, etc., but we did have arguments/discussions quite frequently while she was in college about time management and considering me more in regards to spending time with me.  At that point in her life, she loved me, but she didn’t know how to be an educated woman and be in a relationship at the same time.  She has told me before that her career was more important to her than I was–clearly that wasn’t true since we lasted well beyond her post graduation.  I love her to death, but I would be naive if I didn’t recognize the current problems that we have, and the very negative things I used to do and what she currently does.  
Disappearing Acts showed a lot of Wesley Snipes being jealous of Sanaa Lathan’s character because of varied differences in career and finances.  Because of the jealousy and other relationship-type issues, they eventually broke up only in the end, after some considerable time apart, reunite.  I’m in a place where I’ve become convinced that I have made my mistakes, owned up to them and corrected accordingly.  Now it’s on her to admit hers, own up and correct, however, only if she so chooses.  That’s a choice she has yet to make and the bitterness in me has allowed me to be fine with that.  Life is full of events that will burn you if you let it.  Our recent events, have left me burned close to beyond recognition.  As I fight myself not to go backwards, I summon whatever strength lies inside of me to make sure that one day I will be able to walk away, head held high, no matter what tomorrow may bring. 

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