What I Want

Truly without a doubt, if there was a chance in hell and, by all accounts, I think I’m living in it most days, what I truly want in this life is for me to have love in my life when I can truly appreciate it.  I have NEVER been in a space where I have been able to accept love.  With a lot of time and effort, I have been granted a new lease on life.  I have learned to appreciate having  friends, caring about their well being and overall life affairs.  More importantly, I am learning how to appreciate myself with all of my flaws and accomplishments. I may love who I am, but I am content and look forward to loving myself 24/7 one day and just on occasion.  I can want Veronica back or not, but the truth of the matter is, no matter how important she is to me, I need to feel as though I’m equally important to myself.  I can admit that I’m not there yet, but one day I will be.  I’m banking on that!


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