Do I Have To Adjust Goal?

So I’m thinking that I may have to adjust my 30 mark goal.  I can empathize with people that want children and can’t have them.  I can because I can’t have them either, maybe I can, but just not right now.  I always wanted to have a kid and marry my child’s mother.  Have a real family for once in my life.  It hurts me as I get closer to this milestone and I’m forced to be single; virtually have to start over without love being guaranteed.  Who knows how long it will take to find compatibility again.  More importantly, love and I have never been able to fall in love with just anybody.  It takes awhile–actual variables being decided and wheels turning in my mind.  In the last 11 years I have only been in love twice and the last woman, I would have died for.  Can I really duplicate this and/or gain a new appreciation for someone else in time?

3 responses to “Do I Have To Adjust Goal?

  1. wow. I am not gonna say im sorry cause God knows I hate when people say that to me, but I really empathize you. I can never truly understand what you are going to, but theres a plan for you somewhere. You sound like a very wonderful person and you will find love one day. You will be able to hold a bundle of joy in your hands because you deserve something that most people take for granted.Have faith. : )

      • well theres nothing better to do but hope. In those good days try to find peace, there must be something that brings you comfort. Find it, and in those bad days try to grab that same thing that brings you peace and comfort. It wont erase all the pain and discomfort, but it will it help you stable yourself.

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