Therapy Time

Tonight in therapy, we explored various facets of depression.  and it has been noted that I’m beyond the notion of being just sad.  Which I already knew of course.  I don’t know what I am and the only reason I say I’m depressed is because it is the only commonly, widespread term that I know where others may be able to related.  Do I feel depressed most of the time?  NO. I feel something else that I can’t really put into words.  I can’t really focus and think about what is really driving me nuts.  The one thing that I am certain of is my relationship with my ex and that is why I talk about it because it is easy to do.  I always have loved talking about her; here, it is just a different context.  My issue(s) extend far beyond that and I’m quite sure of it.  I just don’t know how to deal or manage with anything else, because although it exist, I can’t quite pinpoint it in actuality.  Probably doesn’t make sense to most, but it sure makes sense to me.

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