Life of a Dweller

My biggest flaw is probably being a perfectionist.  I get really anxious if I know something that I have been a part of isn’t as perfect as I can make it.  Thus, I am left dwelling in the past, thinking about a lot of past actions I can neither correct nor walk away from them for feeling they are incomplete.  As this was brought to my attention this weekend, I know it is the reason I am stuck on my ex and every other action I have screwed and can’t make right.  As I think about these things in specific detail, daily, I know I am slowly driving myself insanity. I can feel their inner workings causing me to teeter between what is real and fiction in my head. It’s probably why I can’t focus on anything else and have to write so many notes to keep track of everything in my life. Now that I am recognizing it, I need to put a plan into action to correct it and move forward. I know that if I keep this in mind, I will eventually get out of this rut and truly begin to breathe again.


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