My Thoughts of the Ex Today

On Monday, I talked a lot about Veronica; various points in our relationship came up depending on who I talked to.  I haven’t thought about her in full view in a very long time.  I realized, yet again, how much I wished things were different between us.  How much I wish her love for me included respect and concern for my well being.  The last few months just put things in a very different perspective for me.  I do understand the need for a human being to do their own thing at some point in their life, however, when love is involved, I would assume that would include compassion and a sort of finesse that I feel I was robbed of.  I know she loves me.  I just things were handled better on both our parts.  I mean my love for her could at least allow me to be cordial to her if I thought she could be honest with me and not just through me to the wolves whenever she sees fit.  Well, here’s to hopeful wishing.  As always, when I think about her, I think about my babies. Piper and Kahlo–I love and miss them so much.  At least the thought of them can still make me smile.


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