Another Session Pending

As I sit and wait for my session to begin, I am starting to feel overwhelmed. As tears from in my eyes, I don’t know exactly what’s wrong with me.  I feel emotionally tired and sick from the constant strain of life.  My issues, my mistakes and my pain all feel so heavy, but somehow I am able to keep walking; somehow I am able to get going even though my thoughts tell me to give up on everything around me.  When I think about me in comparsion to the problems we face globally, I am ashamed. I feel this way because 1) I know I shouldn’t, but I do and 2) there has to more out there worthy of my attention than what I am currently faced with.   Then again, my emotional instability is a problem that I feel is AS heavy as all the issues we face in this world combined.  I seem like a dick for admittedly stating that, but it is how I truly feel.  I have been drowning in my pan emotional torture chamber for so long, I have forgotten what it must feel like to be free.

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