My Babies Birthdays are Tomorrow

On days like today–a day away from a special day, I miss my old life even more.  Well, some of the great things about my old life–cuddling up next to my nerd while Piper struggles to find a space between us to lay and Kahlo down below, on the floor, looking up at me with uncertainty, what about me? Of course, at this point, I would attempt to pick her up.  She would either run off to do her own thing or allow me the opportunity to rub her gently then jump down off of me the next second.  For some reason, there weren’t many times when Piper and Kahlo liked to share us.  It was either one or the other, fighting for supremacy to gain entry into our circle.  Being the bigger of the two, Piper usually won by default, but I would always attempt to give my baby Kahlo some extra love and care.  I felt like she understood me.  We were one in the same.  She liked to be touched when she felt like it.  She liked to be held when she felt like it and wanted love and attention when she felt like it–just like me.  On this day, the day before their birthday (and yes, my nerd and I celebrated her cats birthdays) I’m sad and lonely.  The memories of what life was like in those happy moments always come in a flood, overwhelming my senses.  So much so I can feel their fur against my skin and smell them as if they were in front of me.  As I know, yet again, that my ex has been a doing an excellent job caring for them, loving them and giving them the attention as best she can, I still miss them.  I want them and I want her and I want us. . .again.

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