Random Conversation With Her

The other night I talked to my nerd and I really need to stop calling her mine, I know. She is definitely not mine any longer and hasn’t been for many months now. Anyway, we go through the standard cordial stuff of how ya been and such then she asks me if she can tell me something. Of  course I agree because what she has to say will either be my ultimate demise or the happiest day I’ve had in very long time.  She proceeded to tell me that she slept with another person and how she felt about it.  I don’t care about the act itself because I can’t expect her not to. I really think that would be selfish of me at this point.I am more interested in how she interacts with them. If she touches them with the same love and passion she touched me with–that sort of thing. I’m just that inquisitive to want to know the similarities and differences.  At the end of the day though, nothing matters, but the love I have for her. I cherish that much, at least.


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