I’m at the breaking point of people telling me how they think I should feel about everything that is going on in my life.  Even if I ask your opinion, it is just that, an opinion.  I take it as seriously as I possible can at the moment.  For those of you who read my blog, and know my personally, please do not take offense to things I say.  Nor you should be offended that I’m in this current mental state and I do or don’t acknowledge as a primary source or solution to my problems.  As I get more and more sensitive, I see the struggles within myself and the strain it is causing others in my life.  For that I am sorry, however, this journey is mine and mine alone.  Feel free to walk alongside of me, however, don’t try to out run me.  When I started this blog, I was seeking control of my own life.  Now, I feel I’m close to achieving this goal. Also note, that this blog, although open for anyone to view, is about me focusing and isolating negativity in my life. In no way, shape or form, am I to be listed AS JUST THIS; what is written in my blog is what I choose to focus on because the help I am receiving requires me to maintaining positive energy and analyze everything else, so I know where I stem form. I appreciate all of the kind words, but please let me  be unless otherwise noted.


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