Need Vs. Want

I think, like most people, I confuse the definitions of want and need  quite often.  I constantly think I need people and vice versa.  For instance, I spent a considerable amount of time on a dating website telling myself I need a girlfriend, to start dating and hopefully, fall in love with someone that I won’t run away.  The honest truth is I don’t need that.  I want that and I really need to start making those distinctions for my sanity’s sake.  I was really getting stressed out until I realized that I didn’t need to create a profile, I just really, really wanted to.  I do, however, need love and affection from those closest to me. I will take more initiative in just hanging out around the city and enjoy my friends, I need them.  I also need to appreciate my mom more because she has never been more supportive than she has been in the last few months.  These are things, for now, that I need.  I also need my ex and my babies in my life, but I am aware I can’t have it all.  Here’s hoping tomorrow doesn’t bring me anything too negative I can’t handle.

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