Anxiety About Anxiety

I know I’m being over- dramatic, but this medicine thing is just one more thing I have to worry about now.  The side effects, particularly the constant dry mouth, is driving me up the wall.  I need someone to confront me, rub my head and tell me I will get through this; and not just anyone, I want my soulmate, my nerd. I guess I just feel so vulnerable, alone, and afraid of what could possibly come of my mental condition. I mean am I now classified as someone that has a mental illness?  Am I now totally defective physically and mentally?  I have anxiety about having anxiety and needing anxiety medication, among others.  Right now, I just popped the pill to help me sleep. Hopefully, it works quickly.


3 responses to “Anxiety About Anxiety

  1. Having a mental illness does not make anyone less of a person. Could you imagine someone saying the same thing about themselves if they were found to have a physical disability. If you need help from medication, there is nothing wrong with it. You take aspirin to make head pain go away, this is medication in the same way. Shhhhhhhhhh. It’s going to be okay. Keep Calm. Fuckitall

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