YES! I Have A Disability

Yes I am disabled, but so fucking what? By all accounts, I am fully functional.  I am so tucking tired of meeting people, women and men, I can see them wanting to ask me what’s wrong with me–like I’m broken. FUCK! I chose years ago to stop answering that question and only provide specific details about it at a time of my choosing.  I really hate that it is such a focal point.  People ASSUMING I am not ok because I don’t look normal.  For 20 years I have asked myself why does it matter because in a sense we are all different and have our share of problems, internal and external.  No, not me. I’m supposedly this walking pile of abnormalities that belong in a zoo to be gwaked at. That’s the fucking worse–adults staring at me like I’m not human.  What the fuck? Oh and he’s intelligent too and he went to college? How is that possible?

Dating is the same way. People find me attractive; some have even used the word sexy, but it’s different when it comes to being in a relationship with me. I’m worth sex, but long term is a deal breaker for women it seems. It’s like I’m half a man. They don’t feel protected or secure. It just drives me nuts and ultimately hurts my feelings to not have the opportunity to get to know people romantically or otherwise, without having to be on guard just in case disability comes up. For once, people give me a break and allow me to be who I am without judging me solely on what you see on the surface.

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