I haven’t written in a few days because I’ve been trying to get accustomed to this medicine.  Moreover, I’ve been trying not to think about dates.  My ex’s birthday is pretty much next week at this point and of course I want to do something for her.  Instead of just being passive aggressive and dropping subtle hints that I want to take her out. I will just ask her.  The worse she can do is say no.  As I try to rebuild my own pieces to my life, I always come back to the same conclusion, that she is a big part of that, no matter what.  I wrote this poem for that very reason–see below:


Stronger than the raging
bull pulling
your cart of confused

bearing enough
intimacy and care
to withstand the tornado
of persons you lay to bed

massaging away doubt

deep in your mental cortex
every time you think I’m wrong
for you
no matter how your words slur
tightly pulling the noose 
around the neck
of our connection
this foundation of solid stone
inside our hearts held 
by one–conjoined 
in spaces 
where words need not be spoken
remains unscathed 



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