Scornful Lover


Scornful Lover

drenched hands in water scalded
trying to rid 
myself of morsels you’ve
left underneath my fingernails

drowned myself in Listerine
killing you on my taste buds

scrubbed skin raw
still the essence of your touch remains
pounding on the padded walls

covering the crevices
of my brain attempting
to protect me 

but memories break through
that barricade of scorn 

forcing smiles I don’t want others to see
my heart pumping joy and laughter

throughout our years
getting lost in the river of tears

draping over my insanity
comprehending the thought
of another engaging
in your sexual flesh unselfishly

when did you forget about me?

our connection buried deep
in the wastelands of someone’s junk
locked away in the trunk
is my soul rotting
at the thought
that you no longer care
what I think, how I feel

how much torture
you must be in
to forget
that this current mirage
you see isn’t real

 isn’t real

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