I Give Up

It’s always something with women. I am, by no means sexist, support discrimination, however, I can provide an accurate and clear account of how the opposite sex treats me. I get dismissed because I’m short, disabled, black, too angry, too nice and the list goes on.
I’m tired–just tired of all the excuses I get from women, whether I love them, am in love with them or simply just like them–it’s always something.  I’m learning that women are fickle and don’t know what they want.  So tired of women telling me I am attractive, smart, funny, etc. but when it comes time to make a commitment to something as simple as setting up a meeting, there’s always an excuse and it doesn’t work out.  I’m finding that lately, even with the women I call friends in my life, it’s becoming a strain.  The emotional confusion, verbal disagreements that get escalated into more confusion beyond the point of my comprehension.  It’s tiring and stressful.

With guys it’s different.  I have met a nice amount of men and haven’t had any of the above problems, even when it comes to being intimate. Men are just non judgemental towards me and accept me for what I give and what they see.  So maybe I’m playing for the wrong team when it comes to settling down and looking for a long term relationship.

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