Is Anything Sacred Among Exes?

Like I get it. Right, you go for what you know–whether it’s with someone you’re just sleeping with or someone you’re in a new relationship with, but there are things that I personally hold sacred that I would not do with just anyone.  There are some things that are reserved for people that I’ve fallen in love with.  The way I have sex with them, certain things I do with them, all sacred and unique to only them.  Am I wrong for feeling like everyone should think this way?  If not, then what really makes me special, if it’s being done to and on every guy after me?  Doesn’t sound like any love being a part of sex to me, just plain fucking–have I ever just been deemed a fuck toy by someone I loved?  That’s a question, I would probably never ask an ex for fear of what the honest answer might be.  I just would have never imagined that, but then again, I guess I can’t hold everyone to standards of my thought processes and feelings.  Just something else to wrap up and keep to myself.

4 responses to “Is Anything Sacred Among Exes?

  1. at the end of the day, everyone is different and treats sex and love differently. what one person considers the most important may not even occur to another, so it’s important not to impose our own values onto others and expect them to hold the same standards as us. i do also think as you do, some actions and things are reserved for love, but then i have friends who think quite differently to me, and it’s not for me to teach them or try to change that 🙂

    • Thanks. I really appreciate the input. You’re right. I’m imposing my values/beliefs on to others just because I’m in love with them. I guess I thought our values were the same. I guess I was wrong.

      • So there’s a specific person that you hoped felt the same way about this as you and you feel a bit disappointed? That’s perfectly reasonable

      • In a way, yes, but it’s more so something that’s unspoken. If someone tells you that they truly love you, that person can’t just say it, they have to show it through actions that are unique–expressing the love he/she has for you. Otherwise, you just become a number that they had relations with.

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