Journal Entry #4

I do not write for recognition.  I honestly never have.  It is just always been my way to get my feelings out, especially since, as a child, I struggled to find my voice in conversation and felt as though no one ever listened to me.  In times where I’m feeling really down, confused, etc., writing has always been my safe haven.  It helps me control my anger, aligns me with the perspective I need to continue living and provides me with hope that one day, I will be comfortable in this skin I’m in; able to enjoy what this world has to offer on some degree.  It’s the reason I read over all of my posts continuously–sort of acting as a time line to see my progress or lack thereof and try to figure out how I can continue to grow within myself.

I have never written for others, but if I see that my life and/or words can inspire someone else in a similar situation, I’m honored by it.  To those that follow me and read my blog, know that it isn’t for entertainment, just my way of releasing whatever I have in me that’s toxic, so I can be a better person tomorrow.  I’m grateful to have found the convenience of WordPress and to all of you for taking it all in.


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