Journal Entry #10

I woke up this morning thinking about Veronica’s parents.  Now before those of you that have been with me from the very beginning, say why, and give up on me or tell me they didn’t give me a chance and I shouldn’t care at all, let me explain: even if I didn’t care about them, she means the world to me.  The way I am conditioned to love her, in its most natural element, makes me that much more objective to see past all of the hurt that has been caused–no matter how screwed up in the head I really am because of it.  My feelings aren’t about me, they are about Veronica; I love her and I’d rather be in distress and miserable, if it meant that she was completely happy with everything in her life.  I hope the new guy loves her more than i was ever equipped to show–truly goes beyond the physical things I did. She desrves everything. I just hope she wakes up with a smile everyday.

Getting back on topic, I sincerely worry about Veronica’s parents.  Through their various ailments, I want her parents to live happy, healthy lives.  Beyond that, from a mental aspect, I hope they have learned to accept her decisions, love her for the daughter they have–seeing and supporting what I saw in her almost five years ago.  I hope the grief they have her when we.were together has subsided.

I guess in my eyes, my sexy nerd will always be special, no matter  what.


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