Anxiety Filled, Love Driven

I’ve amazed myself on how I’ve been able to bounce back juggling so many disappoints in the last year.  I was able to get through the summer knowing that just year ago I proposed, actually on my knees, to a woman who said now was not the time and she hoped that her lack of positive response wouldn’t “ruin me”.  Although, it doesn’t hurt as much as it did for the first week after–me begging her to reconsider, stating I could fix what was broken if she would just follow our plan of marriage–there is a small part of me that feels that heartbreak still.

Now our would-be anniversary is right around the corner and I know it’s just dead at this point, but admittedly, I’m still holding on to something there, so I will keep holding on to the story of our beginning.  For now, it’s all I need.


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