My Savior

My Savior

I came to you soiled
broken at the knee
you let me lean on your spirit
offered the forgiveness I seeked
for past misdeeds

the freedom to live
in the comfort of your eyes
the radiance of your smile

my insides rumble
at the thought of something new
lifting the love of another
in the likeness of you

the touch
of my savior draped
in her glory
prophesized my life’s story
with a sweet kiss tasting
and hugs that took chills away

I run from this love
as it sinks its teeth
in my heels

I’m left bare waiting
to be saved by you

on my last leg
around this bend
there isn’t a fork in the road
it’s just a dead end

only power, super in nature
can change the outcome
I’ve dreamed for years

make me courageous
to withstand
this test of time
allow me feel it all

truth in my heart
strong on my soles
and tender in my fingers

you rest deep
in my thoughts
my second coming
the rejuvenation of a spirit
shaken by a world’s fury 


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