Breaking Down the Stage

Breaking Down the Stage

as the stage sets
its grip around darkness

a few last words of remembrance

I’ve been the best and worse
trance-ed in unknown territory visited
by your spirit singing songs
of broken-hearted dreams

shattered remains of time spent
weeping for understanding
that never came for us in the morning

what we shared sent
electric charges to a heart that couldn’t be revived
resilience binded us
for as long as time could contain my destruction

but I hold true what you represented
a love greater than any fairytale foretold
worthy of the diamond I proposed

the nightly kiss you’d give
in absence of my soul trying
desperately to partake in your essence

tears streamed in secret
knowing what I caused
Gin, my only combatant to a rage
I didn’t understand

but under your steady command

I see visions of my flesh tingling
underneath your palms
sensing the teasing pleasure
of your fingertips dancing
on parts you make sensitive
still cause my finest hairs to stand
at attention

forever lost in your dimension


for your heart to mend
so we can set this stage again


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