Journal Entry #23

Not sure what the proper protocol is for loving women I have been in relationships with, obviously.  However, Veronica is different. She always has been, I just didn’t know how to show it completely when we were together. 

This is all coming from multiple places; I woke up this morning thinking about her and the love I feel for her alone (not Kahlo and Piper. I often group my feelings for them together so I don’t have to focus on it too much).  My continued progress in dealing with my emotions has also increased my objectivity.  I don’t want to seem disrespectful by texting or calling her saying I love you.  This is totally based on my improvement in assessing myself and feelings. I realize that I don’t love a lot of people so to erase someone that I do, hurts so much.  Again, how I feel about Veronica is unlike any other; my ability to feel something without anger has shown me that.  I constantly worry about her safety and whether or not she is happy, and I contain my love  for her out of respect for our relationships with other people.

I don’t want disrespect anyone, but I love her so much so, I should be able to tell her. I guess another issue is I’m not sure if she even cares about me at all, at this point.  That’s another post though.

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