Actual Work Not The Issue

I’m starting to hate a lot of things and people at work.  I’m tired before I arrive due to the stress of what I have to deal with, unrelated to the actual job. I’m tired of folks coming to me telling me I need to smile and laugh, conversate, etc. like it’s something I signed up for. There is only so much fake I can take and my mouth gets tired of smiling for no reason. Why can’t I just complete my job and go home. All this extra is causing my anxiety levels to go up and I’m afraid of what will happen if I can’t keep calm one day. It is not my job to make others comfortable, happy or smile.  If they can’t get that in their personal life then I feel sorry for them. I don’t think I will be able to take asking me to be cheerful much longer. I don’t go to work to make friends. Call me crazy, but I go to work to WORK! Leave me be.  For, now, I will take breaks to clear my head.


2 responses to “Actual Work Not The Issue

  1. You raise a common dilemma in this post that I can relate to with ease. Do you stay true to yourself on the job, or do you schmooze? It’s a tough one. Playing the social game here and there definitely oils the path for you, but if it goes against your grain, it can cause internal friction too.

    What I know is that many companies do look at the employee’s ability to fit into the office culture as well as their intellectual capabilities. So if you have to smile now and then to keep your job, well, look at it as hazard that can’t be avoided. And who knows? Maybe it’ll become so easy for you it will no longer cause you anxiety.

  2. Screw all of them. Except me 🙂 It’s not worth it. You tried being friendly and damn near bubbly, it didn’t do anything. So as long as you aren’t unpleasant, people can just mind their own. My 2 cents. Because I’m not playing the game anymore either. When you leave this building, leave the rest behind.

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