The Days Going By

Feels like I haven’t written in a while besides poetry and even that’s a struggle to finish these days.  My mind has been in a weird place, stressed both personally and professionally.  After a minor mental break that kept me in bed this past Monday, I have decided to set some limitations with how many hours I work a week and not bringing work home everyday.  Personally is a very different story. Dealing a lot with family issues has also added to the self-neglect. Trying to assist my mom and sister financially has been a losing battle so I had to finally say enough is enough. The double stress, the worry of how to swim when I know I’m sinking and having to “get the job done” at work has really tested my resolve lately. I mean I know my job is overwhelming–I have only been in this position for about a month and 1 person has quit and another has succumb to his own emotions, professionally and personally, and now is on medical leave. Both of these inviduals had a spot in the same role/team I am on.

With this in mind, I will see how I do in the coming weeks mentally. I’m trying to find my peaceful place before I totally break down.


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