Losing You, Losing Me

Losing You, Losing Me

I lost you
before I had you
in arms too big
for my comfort
can’t compete
with true love’s decision
to put him first
I must believe
in his presence
around you
your will to deceive
my heart, indeed
torn for you

for I can’t match
mental for physical
threat to endanger
yes I’m a common criminal
stolen hearts and spirits
dreams and remnants
of lives longing for my attention
now this life I live
is a gimmick
being played in HD
and karma is haunting me

like the ghost of Christmas past
without a present and future
is this all I have?

my destiny awaits
in a broken down chariot
rolling nowhere

as I lose you in the fog
of my clouded brain
you, me, us flirting
with insanity

I can’t take the chance
of another heart breaking
in the wind


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