Dear Departed

Dear Departed

the four walls
you tried to make home

couldn’t walk
on the floorboards
where your teardrops roamed

couldn’t accept your smile
while my heart cried
so I’m off to seek
my own misery

dancing two-steps
’round issues I can’t grasp
with unsure fingers

while I think of you
beautiful glory
to my soul mate
I’m not worthy

the unsexy of self-pity wrapped
around the chocolates I devour
in your memory

I Still Can Breathe

I Still Can Breathe

mental instability
causing inconsistency
in my belief
to love you
garnished with a flower
served up a plate of promise
too far gone to enjoy

so I break bread
with someone else
while you marinate
your juices on something less deserving

so unsecure walking
in these untied shoes
my care isn’t as strong
like a broken Olympian
it’s a struggle to carry
this pain
trying to right wrongs
I can’t change

researched how to break
this bond before
tried to turn away
but with your memory etched
in my skin
I count my stars
just to sleep peacefully
basking in my own element
I still can breathe



deep in your folds
you grip tight
adjust the saddle
and throw your head back
ready to buck

that precious liquid
creating puddles
on our sheets

staring into eyes flickering
in moonlight
you flash an approving smile
wrap legs around waistline
an ease to a perfect fit
is this where love begins?