(Just Honest) Three

(Just Honest) Three

On this day of thanks
I’m reminded of what’s important
and who I’m missing
chased down for 2 long years
without an “I love you” near

may be a joke I still care
but my soul needs you here
I know better now
how to calm the storm inside of me
I know better now
who’s the most important person
to me
I know better now
because I can feel

for you I say

lo siento por todo
te amo a mi sol
cada aliento que respiro
es para la memoria

my spanish is amature at best
but for you I don’t mind
being out here imperfect
being honest and true
after all, it’s the only thing
now I can give you

Happy Thanksgiving to a memory my soul will not let die!


Soul’s Acceptance

Soul’s Acceptance

shreds of you linger
on finger tips
the basics of your DNA
still hide in the creases
of my lips

never think of burying
you at the bottom
of this bottle
or sending your essence
into the air relaxing
on the hinges
of cigar smoke

your memory’s too bright
to be kept in the cellar