Addicted Comfort

Addicted Comfort


amped up on rage coarsing
through veins without concern
on this current path
fueled by negativity
outer body experiences
no control
please don’t touch me


in the absence of pain
I see you perspire
long neck
such a thing of beauty
a bottle holding my comfort elixir
something out a fairytale
I’m now a unicorn


swallowed with pleasure
my mixed bag lacks
sophisticated organization
as much as I lack feeling
once the smile subsides
I pop another
caught in the mystery
this time am I up or down 

The Ledge

The Ledge

rocking back and forth while
playing love’s dangerous hand
a fix I need flowing
through veins uncertain
if its hit will be my last

as I laid down a life
once before

now not worthy
of a kiss, a hug
but this drug still calls
out to me  subtle
with no remorse
or hope for sobriety

I’m bound
hands and feet
tongue tied

stuck in a past
bloodied by anger and regret
misunderstanding confusion
under the illusion
that you’re there
to catch
me when I fall