I Know Now

I Know Now

I know now
I was a phase
just for the moment
a hoax for your love  

reading my thoughts
feeling my needs
pounce like a cat in heat
bleed me dry
without a thank you

I remain true
as my diamond rests
on a desk untouched
baby names scrapped
from the surface of sincerity

echoing in the alleyways
of my head
3 years meant nothing
to a beauty turned cold
without me to keep her warm
I’ve ceased to exist

finally ready to surrender
white flag wave
passing the torch to another
so you can forget
about whatever is already
hard to remember

I Miss This

I Miss This

fingers clutching
the past as if your palm
seared in mine

breathing deep
I inhale every single kiss
you’ve given me

insides combating
with smiling memories
and tearful sighs

functionality slows
at the thought of passing
you on streets

we used to walk
hand in hand planning
a life honored

or despised
by those seeking out passion
at our crossing

their paths
you being made for me, this
molded precious clay

I miss
in my hands like silk
I miss this