Death: A First Time

Death: A First Time

as I roam this train platform
searching for comprehension
flirting close to its edge
death is now familiar
for I feel it
a first time rattling
bones undiscovered
trying to feel his presence

the universe is empty now


Journal Entry #3

So it has been a recovery process since last night. I made it to another birthday, hanging around some really great people and I’m just appreciating life right now.  I was even fortunate or not, depending on how I look at it, to be able to share my birthday with International Cat Day.

Just because it was my birthday yesterday, I woke up thinking about Piper and Kahlo, what they mean to my life even though I don’t see them anymore. If I don’t dwell on that last fact, I am able to smile knowing that I love them just as much as I did when we brought them home. Cheers to my babies–yes, I’m a cat lover.