Love’s A Question

The problem, it seems, is that love is a common question; what it means and how it is supposed to effect two or more people.

Since no two people really think alike, aligning feelings can be a challenge.  I was told very recently that I love too hard–too aggressively–and that can be intimidating or put too much pressure on those that I love. Now, while I can’t refute this truth, I simply act on my natural feelings and my response, as arrogant as it may be, if my love is too much, then just maybe, you are not worthy of such love.

I love with all that I am; a man in touch with every sensation that, at times, puts me in awkward situations. I admit that my style of love has caused me great hardship over the years–many mistakes and misunderstandings–however, I try to learn something from them to be better in the future.

I am that guy that still loves my exes (the ones I told I love you too), and I am that guy that cherishes all that time, even the last day that love was reciprocated.

Though attractive or very unattractive because it can poke holes in my ability to fully move on from one relationship to the next, I’m open, I’m honest, I’m just me simply seeking acceptance.

Journal Entry #25

How do you tell a writer s/he can’t write when there’s a lack of content flow and contextual elements? How do you tell a carpenter the pressure being used will split the wood? How do you tell someone their life isn’t worth the air in their lungs?  Is it like telling my heart who to love? Who to care for and overall, what feelings to feel in general? Passion is hard to measure with a yard stick, but it relies on the same concept throughout human life; it fuels us to keep going no matter how much we suck at what we are doing. The stubborn nature of our beings needs it for feeding. Persistence can be foolish and lead down a path of least resolution, however, the absence of trying can be considered a beeline straight to failure.  Here’s to not giving up.