I Hope You

I Hope You

I hope you smile
knowing this love
can’t expire
running this 5k to
to your heart
I’ll never tire
under the weight
of your broken spirit
I will fight
with every breath
to live in your grace
is my ultimate happiness

I hope you smile
when you think of my name
recall my touch
I hope you smile
when you think
of this love

made for you


Selected Too Late

Selected Too Late

Funny how I remember only
the hugs when you were leaving
the smiles when we made love
and the joy we saw in each other
when it came to the babies

I miss you

not for your presence I lack
but for what our connection could bring
a friendship I couldn’t fathom
put me in its harness
as you tried to tame
a beast without a whip

although your kisses were strong
passion, your weapon
worn down like holed tennis shoes
I was succumbing to your power
only too late would I realize
you were already gone

Dating Game

I call it a game because it literally is a game. Depending on how you initially start and move your pieces in play, will ultimately determine whether or not you will succeed in winning the game.  My biggest problem is I don’t like playing games. I don’t like the fronts and the show. I want to be me at all times, but in order to make the best first impression one has to play it really cool.  I’ve met quite a few people in the last couple of months and needless to say, I keep hitting a dead end. I’m getting women that tell me that they enjoy me and want to see me again, but never call or text.  I’m getting nice women that have kids.  What can I do with someone with that type of baggage?  It’s hard enough trying to get to know one person, now I have to get to know a little person too.  Talk about explanations.  Dating is way overrated and complicated, but unfortunately I must proceed if I want my wife and kid one day.  Without hope of ever falling love with Veronica again, I must keep trying my hand at bat; hopefully, soon I can knock one out of the park.