in spit of your passing
I feel you in my shadow
perhaps as my guardian
perhaps my lack of purge
to let you go

my heart
my soul
I cannot part
we always become one
in the dark
I see you there
I see you here
your likeness in remembrance

I feel your embrace
breathing shallow in your last day
but in my shadow you reside
as I make efforts now
to the pass time away


Death: A First Time

Death: A First Time

as I roam this train platform
searching for comprehension
flirting close to its edge
death is now familiar
for I feel it
a first time rattling
bones undiscovered
trying to feel his presence

the universe is empty now

Confused Fury

   Confused Fury  


lies vanish at night’s beginning regret runs rapid
when only lonely can console me


caught in this hell storm
colored crimson
tears map out
the last years
of my life from what’s left
on this face I remember


courage pulled
from the cracks deep
inside the cement forming
around lungs breathing revenge


that barrel in my mouth
and pulled the trigger
why am I still here?