I Pack These Holes

I Pack These Holes

I pack these holes
with our memories
our girls letting
me know you’re close
to the door
pheromones fill joy
and we’re high for the night

I pack these holes
with memories
of you dancing when you think
I’m not looking
you’re gorgeous, no exceptions

I pack these holes
because without you
I’m broken
moving in this existence
to just exist

I pack these holes
with everything you were
and everything we could have been
an essence
sweet to the taste
with a backbone
strong, never brittle

I pack these holes
with tearless dreams
where bloodshed
happened only in nightmares

I pack these holes
with a simple dream
one day I’ll hear
your voice again

I Found You

I Found You

forgot the past
just to rehash
through pictures I can’t burn
Valentine’s Day cards dripping
your sweetness all over me

a tattoo that bares
your emblem etched
into my skin

the touch you taught
me how to resemble
has molded
to my nerves
pulsating to a smile
every time one of my senses reach
your spirit

your voice echoes
in the void
where your love used
to be

your presence, our memories
and greatness shared
remain locked
in its cage

deep in the burrows
of a heart
that will never stop searching
for the love we once had

I know if I look
I can find you

find the soul that once was
the sunshine of my life
even in its hiding
one day I will find it
find you, waiting and smiling