Missing The Real Picture

Missing The Real Picture

a snapshot seals
your smile
a kiss where our lips meet
for affection
now gone, conflicted
with images mocking
mistakes too stubborn to see

and filled with so many feels
on every anniversary and birthday
I’m missing
tears flow
without a lever to close

my troubled soul overflows
with surrendering defeat
beating my heart to forgive
me for the stress its under
riding this rollercoaster
of disappointing love
to my inevitable extinction

sometimes I bathe in remission
spitting out the blood
of what I defiled
simply wishing I could press
rewind on this broken love story
for I hold the cassette
that plays Soulmates Eternal
an original made
in your honor
ears burning to the chorus
a rekindle you can’t fantom
2 years too long
but my attitude can’t appreciate you anymore