The Additions: Mongo and Kleo


April and May are usually bad months for me from an emotional standpoint; a lot of past issues and things I’ve lost tie into these months. With that said, I would like to discuss happiness in my life.  Those that have followed me from the start of my blogging journey, understand my love of cats.  For those of you that are new, cats are the ultimate thing.  A cat can bring a smile to my face. Now, honestly, some days I think I may have over did it with having three cats in the house, but Mongo (front, tan) and Kleo (back, grey/black) are the best things for me. Sebastian gets along with them just fine, each with their own unique personalities.  Just adding love to my growing family.  Here’s getting through the hurt of the past and trying to smile for the future. 

For Kahlo and Piper

For Kahlo and Piper

strangers label me crazy 
eccentric in thinking  
that your furry exoskeletons 
have any notion of my existence 

bend the will of human parents 
chasing every avenue for a gesture 

hoping your brains can comprehend 
my lack of kisses on your noses 
and the thought worsens 
with every birthday and Christmas

what happens to our connection? 

I wish a passionate beating  
heart was enough
to join us 
reunite the familiarity 
of being my alarm clock  
kneading chest when it’s feeding time 
a last hope 
far fetched as an outcry 
I place belief 
in reincarnated spirits  
so what started will always remain 
a necessity for life 
love at it’s greatest

I Miss This Pair

I Miss This Pair

I miss this pair
opposite in their care
equal in love shared

broken at the hem
angered depression caused
the lost of what I hold most dear
never contemplated the fear
my ears could no longer hear
their purrs as I stroked gently

I miss this pair
opposite in their care
equal in their love shared

as one licked my face
good morning
paws pat face gaining
attentive smiles

the other, rest
comfortably on laps
up in arms ready
for cuddles

I miss this pair
for they showed
me a heart was always there

in darkness
when tears streamed random
I found comfort
in their presence
right there lying
next to my spirit
as though they knew
it was broken

without them I found
the formula for lonely
can’t replace
what time won’t forget

opposite in care
but always equal
in love shared