Reality of Love

Reality of Love

I emerge
smaller than before
choking,  gasping
for air, reaching
out for your hand
in this frost-bitten
cold so alone

I remember when I smiled
at your crazy dances
kissed your lips hungrily
with every nice gesture, gift or hug
just because
you were you and I was me

now honeymooning is a thing
of our past
tongues shoot razor blades
with uncanny accuracy
focused on the barbed wire
you wear on your soul shredding
everything I used to admire

I’m now immune laying
at feet I’m used to stepping
over me
eyes once glowing now glare
right through my good parts
and into darkness

as I search for peace within
the memory of you
never ends


Fairytale Reality

Fairytale Reality

if wishes were given
I’d wish your hand in mine
happy in time

but life isn’t a fairytale
with princes and all
more like armored up
tantalizing temptation obscuring

so I wish you good health and happiness
everyday I can stand upright
and smile back

my persistence insisting
love doesn’t die
once a smile fades
no matter how many hands
get held after
there’s only one
truly made
for your image
I inhale
through gloomy fog
unable to meet defeat