seeped out wells
too dry to find
tears waiting
for their place
to call home

instead I search
for a touch
long lost
in my indecisive anger

set my soul ablaze
in fear of letting go
so she just walked
away without a bread crumb
to follow
xeroxed copies
of a heart damaged
looking for its owner

in a snowstorm buried
deep is its key
the only way to release
me and my mistakes

open the safe and kiss me

For What I Can’t Forgive

For What I Can’t Forgive

tucked behind these rusty pipes
that’s been kicked bent
and left to rot
I can no longer see

with hands cuffed
behind me
placing their purrs
just out of reach
I struggle to get free

been brewing
this concoction of heartache
turned hatred then love
for some time

chemical imbalances change
my consistency repeatedly
wired to my torture chamber
of memories

tears stream
for desperation not heard

for what I can’t forgive
I lay awake in shameful despair