Searching for Missing Pieces

Searching for Missing Pieces

as we approach
the one year mark
I look to my partner
for my missing pieces
hoping she stuffed
my pride and good health
in her purse for safe keeping

stylized mistakes and heartbreak
accepting responsibility
a journey I’m just beginning
so I’m hoping she can breath easy
putting the tears in her pockets
for I know some days
I’m reckless

with a therapist quoting progress
my past negates my present
negativity infused
drooling at the site of misery
please cut me loose
unleash this rocket of insensitivity
broken with wounds swollen

but as I get better
with promises in hand
blistered and bloody
from this fight inside
I’ve learned to cry
rejuvenate through the flood
clearing the dust

on all parts that ceased
to function when I let go
of loving me
picking up my missing pieces
walking this long road
gaining confidence once again
to hold with all my might, this time

The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy


bones scream for sanctions
as Mother Nature creates
this incarceration
pushing joints to the limit
while Father Time reprimands
what’s seen as a gimmick
a cane in hand
finds this boy’s true tune
balance and chaos


smile creeps across
a face unaware of his torture
his smooth blade creating
designs drawn in blood
for its purpose reflects
the shedding
of a past not ready to let go


drip by drip
tears form puddles
at my bedside detailing
layers of failure and deceit
troubling concoctions brewed
by premeditated emotion
to obtain the affection needed
just to keep breathing
and I’m still not living



tried to put my skeleton
in the closet
his shoulders too big to fit

sweat beads up on brows
when I feel strangers creeping
up on secrets I can’t share
how will it be judged
as the sunshine hits its surface?

I pop pills for reassurance
confiding in my skeleton
my objectivity the least of worries

as I
shelter it
harbor it
labor over it
to make it clean

trying to erase its stains
tubes of ceramic glue scatter
my world
the last hope to close
the cracks I seeĀ  everyday staring
back at me