To Only You

No matter how hard life may be or how good, my soul still aches for you. I dream of your presence and there’s no mistaken you with a present or future. Still the best thing I could breathe in our species.

I think of you at my best. I think of you at my worst. My heart wants your happiness and my spirit wants your smile. I no longer have to say your name because the universe, everything around me, says it so loudly.

If there’s ever a day you think I don’t believe you matter,  think again and breathe deep – I’m sure you’ll feel me.  Thank you from afar.

Honest Healing

Honest Healing

love ripped apart
the core of my compassion
slipped on peels
of my own skin shedding
under the weight of my blade
pounds dropped  eyes sulken
at the sight of you breathing
healthy at the height
of my pain

I’m ashamed to call
you a first for so many
bled out causes to keep
my soul smiling
in the face of your vindication
use these tears to clean
up your betrayal
want to stain your satin sheets
with this putrid grease leaking
out of my confession

sold my broken pieces
to the devil
squandered  the proceeds
on a quick fix
to snort Coke
with the aforementioned
saving my soul
for the burn
I can breathe deep
and again
love in a lie

The Presence of Love

The  Presence of Love

spent time playing
in your shadow
creating your safe zone
protecting investments pretending
one day you’d come back
my way
kiss this face
breathe in my changes
fall back and escape
what used to be pain


place hands in pockets
tengo frio
bleed out apologies
now I need affection
dame un beso

for when the sun sets
I see your eyes
when the wind blows
I feel your spirit
and I fall asleep
dreaming of your voice

no need to wipe
the dust off
your ring
cuz I never put it down