Reality of Love

Reality of Love

I emerge
smaller than before
choking,  gasping
for air, reaching
out for your hand
in this frost-bitten
cold so alone

I remember when I smiled
at your crazy dances
kissed your lips hungrily
with every nice gesture, gift or hug
just because
you were you and I was me

now honeymooning is a thing
of our past
tongues shoot razor blades
with uncanny accuracy
focused on the barbed wire
you wear on your soul shredding
everything I used to admire

I’m now immune laying
at feet I’m used to stepping
over me
eyes once glowing now glare
right through my good parts
and into darkness

as I search for peace within
the memory of you
never ends

My Soul Craves You

My Soul Craves You

my soul begs forgiveness
a pardon for crimes committed
and during the investigation
everything worth it
she took it

for pain ain’t subjective
when it hits close to home
recycled or borrowed
karma forces a reliving
of the experience

just when I think
I’m golden
I’m mourning
but those tears fall
in secret
because the new ones
don’t want to hear it

they have
their own tragedies
lies they tell
to  finagle happiess
the best way they can

we all do it
abuse it
the love we seek
even when it’s standing
a few feet
in front of us

the root of my evil
the caring
so I’m forced
to relive this nightmare
in sequel after sequel

because without you
I’m nothing
too smart
to replace you
too afraid
to come get you

the one thing
for sure
my soul craves